April 21, 2021

PLATINUM PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: CED: Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc.

Focus on Customers – One Customer at a Time


CED is one of the nation’s largest electrical wholesale distribution networks with over 700 locations in 49 states. Zach Wilbern, CED’s Denver District and PC Manager, leads CED’s partnership with IECRM through support at the Platinum Partner level. 

This year, Zach is celebrating his 20th anniversary with CED. He started as an intern while attending Colorado State University. Today he is responsible for all CED Denver metro locations.

CED’s Culture…

“It’s about the local customer,” says Zach. “Sometimes a big national company with hundreds of locations can lose sight of that, but at CED, we don’t.” CED is proud of its core values of service, integrity, and reliability. “Every day, our team works at each of these,” he says. “And every day we aspire to do even better tomorrow.”

According to Zach, “CED believes in doing our job the right way,” he says. “We focus on how to provide reliable service to our customers, vendors, and employees with the utmost integrity.”

Tell us about your partnership with IECRM…

“CED is very fortunate to have an active, strong IEC chapter in our backyard,” Zach says. “We are grateful to be able to support an organization like IECRM that shares our core values and helps train our future customers.”

Favorite part of your job?

“My favorite part of my job is building relationships with our customer partners, vendors partners, and best-in-class team members,” says Zach. “We also thrive on taking on the challenging projects and finding solutions to make our customers’ jobs a little easier.”

Words of wisdom or inspiration for others?

“Make service, integrity, and reliability the driving forces of who you serve,” concludes Zach. “You can’t go wrong by doing that!”