One Hundred Percent!

I have been using the term “100%” a great deal this year! I find myself stating it in conversation with others to emphasize and signify agreement; indicating they are correct and I am in complete alignment with them on whatever topic, idea or policy we may be discussing. During the month of November, there are many things of “100%” significance, below are four of them. 


100% Participation. 

IECRM needs your vote by November 10th to elect our next Board of Directors. 

The IECRM association bylaws requires a ⅔ response of its members to vote in the annual board of directors election. Voting for your association governance leadership board is a value and benefit of IECRM membership. This elected group of your peers is the foundation that builds the future of the industry. This year, we would like to see 100% participation and ask every member company to VOTE via online or in person at the State of the Industry Dinner. 


100% Priority.

While you are completing your ballots for the IECRM Board of Directors election, please also make it a 100% priority to vote in your local county and municipal election including your voice in the statewide ballot initiatives outlined in the State of Colorado Blue Book. Register to vote here. Election Day is TODAY, Tuesday, November 2, 2021


100% Gratitude.

This year’s State of the Industry Dinner is the evening before Veteran’s Day. Please take a moment this month to thank the employees in your company who have served – or are serving – our country. We have a special project with the IEC Platinum Partners Council and the IEC Foundation to sign holiday cards for active military and veterans. Please join us at the November 10th dinner and bring a veteran with you so we can show our 100% gratitude in person. 



100% Appreciation. 

During November, we also promote and recognize apprentices in the industry during National Apprenticeship Week sponsored by the US Department of Labor Office of Registered Apprenticeship. Join us as IECRM shows 100% appreciation for our apprentice community and inspires the next generation electrician the week of November 15, 2021. IECRM will be recognized by the State of Colorado for its apprenticeship program on November 16th; watch the awards ceremony online. We will conduct the Annual Policy Forum on November 17th during our Quarterly Member lunch and will hold an Open House on November 18th for members, prospective members, and apprentices to see us in action, tour the classrooms and labs, and experience hands-on tool demos and deals at a mini-expo. Food and drinks will be served.



Take a moment to review the photos from the amazing adventures during the IEC National Convention, RSVP for the Annual IECRM Holiday Party on December 4th, and remember to check out IECRM’s new website to confirm your access to updated member only documents and resources! 



One hundred percent!