October 23, 2018

October 2018 is Colorado Construction Careers Month

Proclamation Signed by Governor John Hickenlooper Recognizes Construction Industry

On October 15th, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper recognized the construction industry by naming October “Colorado Construction Careers Month.” This is the second year in a row the governor has honored the industry with this proclamation.

The announcement is designed to recognize the need to increase public awareness and appreciation of construction craft professionals, and the entire construction workforce, by backing our workforce development efforts.  //

“The renewed interest by the state in supporting the continued training and development of construction craft professionals and the critical role they play in developing Colorado is encouraging,” says Marilyn Stansbury, CEO of IECRM.

IECRM is dedicated to the training and career development of the electricians of the future. By identifying and training the best and brightest the Colorado electrical industry has to offer, IECRM gives its apprentices the opportunity to combine their on-the-job training with classroom hours so they can move forward in their career and create a sustainable path to prosperity for themselves and their families.

“We train apprentices in best practices as well as give them the tools they need to succeed in their careers,” says Marilyn. She is hopeful that through recruitment, training, and partnerships between industry and government, electrical contracting and renewable energy will continue to lead the construction industry forward into the next decade of the 21st century.