October 22, 2018

Northglenn Honors IECRM’s Community Commitment

“Community Spirit” Award Presented During
2018 Business Appreciation Breakfast

The City of Northglenn recognized local businesses for their achievements and contributions to the community at its 7th Annual Business Appreciation Breakfast on Friday, Oct. 19. IECRM was honored for its dedication to Northglenn with the city’s Game Changer “Community Spirit” award.

“To be recognized for what we love to do, each and every day, is such an honor,” says Marilyn Stansbury, IECRM CEO. “Our presence in Northglenn is by design. Our new building and campus, and the work we do to support independent electrical contractors and the renewable energy sector, are a labor of love. We believe it is a privilege to be part of the fabric of this community and our purpose is to continually give back.”

As she introduced the IECRM and the award, emcee and TV host Jacquie Palisi said, “We are very honored to recognize the next organization that has not only become an incredible corporate citizen and partner over the past two years, but has invested millions of dollars in our community, created 43 new jobs, and trains more than 1,500 students each year.”

She also mentioned IECRM’s award-winning Sparkling Ice Castle of the Future for the annual 9NEWS Parade of Lights that illuminates the hard work of the men and women in the electrical and renewable energy industry.  In addition, she noted IECRM’s awards recognition — 13 of the top awards at the National Independent Electrical Contractors conference — in September.

Before the award was presented to Marilyn, IECRM board members, and staff, Northglenn presented this video: //  

Nine other awards were bestowed on Northglenn businesses that morning. “It’s important that we let our businesses know we appreciate them,” said Northglenn Mayor Carol Dodge. “They not only provide sales tax revenue, they also volunteer to make our community a better place. They understand that if Northglenn is successful, they too will be successful. We sincerely value the relationships between the city and our businesses.”

2018 Northglenn business of the year award winners are as follows:

   Home-Based Business: Summit Handpiece Express
   Rookie Business: Beltran’s Meat Market
   Business Longevity: Northglenn Heating & Air Conditioning
   Young Entrepreneur: Kevin Diaz De Leon, Maverick View
   People’s Choice: Denver Escape Room
   Investment: Evergreen Devco
   Community Spirit: Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (IECRM)
   Northglenn Gem: Gayton Dance Studio

   Game Changer: B&B Blending

   Snow Stormers: Fit Soldiers Fitness Revolution

The breakfast theme was ‘Game Changer,’ celebrating Northglenn’s successful businesses who adapt to changes and challenges and develop new ways to innovate and grow. The city is committed to creating a positive business climate for its businesses.