September 20, 2018

MEMBER NEWS: HR Question of the Month – “Outing” employee to potential hire okay?

A representative of our company conducted an interview with a potential employee. During the interview, our representative revealed that we employed a “cross dresser” and informed the potential employee… READ MORE
Risk Management Corner: Could There Be a Disaster in Your Future?
People toss around the word “disaster” quite freely these days. Even relatively minor incidents are promoted to disaster status. A missed two-foot putt, a burned dinner, or an uncharged phone battery can all be considered disasters by those affected. But when a true disaster strikes, our reality changes — so does our concept of the word. READ MORE
Are Your Wishes Clear?
Most business owners spend a lifetime building a business without really considering what will happen when they are not there to run it. Some have put together buy-sell agreements on the advice of their corporate attorney… READ MORE
Federated Mutual Group and Federated Life Company
named to 2018 Ward’s 50® Top Performers… READ MORE