August 13, 2018

Marilyn Stansbury on KNGU Radio Connections Aug. 10

On Friday, August 10 on KGNU Radio’s Connections call-in show, IECRM CEO Marilyn Stansbury talked with host Fiona Fosters about opportunities for women in STEM industries.

She was joined by two other guests, Kate Catlin, the Founder of Find My Flock and Ksenia Keplingeris postdoctoral researcher at the Leeds School of Business.

The show focused on how these three women are working towards increasing opportunities for women in traditionally male-dominated industries, particularly the STEM industries.

As CEO of IECRM, Colorado’s top electrical and renewable energy trade association, one of Marilyn’s goals is to bring much-needed new talent to the industry – including women, minorities, underserved populations, veteran’s returning to civilian life and career transitioners – and enhance her member companies’ workforce development and economic success.

Find My Flock, is a tech dream-job-landing engine. While open to all, they make a point to design the whole product around interviews and feedback sessions from women and people of color in tech. Kate herself is a developer and is passionate about driving the industry to be more inclusive.

At the Leeds School of Business, Ksenia researches diversity of the workforce, leadership, and mistreatment of women in the workplace. She earned her Ph.D. at Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria.

To hear the hour-long discussion, which is loaded with good ideas and insightful commentary, go to //