January 7, 2020


Top 25 Changes in the National Electric Code

Over the next 12 months, we will be providing you with insight and tips for embracing the new changes in the NEC.

Electrical Installation:  Pain Point and Solutions

Streamlining electrical installation is critical on today’s job site where there’s more work than workers. By making your crews more productive, your business is more profitable. As an added bonus, using today’s more efficient tools makes the job easier on your individual electricians and that can help you attract more quality electricians as your business grows.

We teamed up with Milwaukee Tool to take a look at some of the common problems electricians note during the electrical installation phase. Their extensive field research drives their tool designs to address pain points like these.


There are 3 main areas that electricians commonly cite as areas for improvement with knockouts. One, the knockout tools are bulky and difficult to use, so it slows them down. Two, the dies are challenging to line up, again, costing time to get it right. Three, the entire set up process is made worse because you have to bear the weight of the tool during the process.

Here are a few ways you can use new technology to make it easier:

  • Look for newer cordless knockouts that offer simple, one-handed operation with a smaller footprint and lower weight.
  • There are punches and dies on the market with markings to give you a visual guide that speeds up their setup.
  • There are knockout systems available that give you the ability to set up your punch and die without having to connect it to the tool first.  (read more link: // )

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