March 23, 2019

IEC’s National Meetings & Conferences are Like Potato Chips…

You Can’t Attend Just One!

What we mean by this ridiculous statement is that the power of attending professional association meetings isn’t one and done. The true value of these association meeting and events is going many times, for months and months or years and years.

In this day and age of the Internet, you may believe that access to industry information online can and does replace the live, in-person conference or meeting. The truth is, these events and meetings are more important than ever. Each year, IEC National holds a number of events, meetings, and information exchange opportunities that bring value to the membership experience.

The human-to-human connections that occur, the serendipitous “hallway conversations” that often happen, in addition to the tours, breakout sessions, and influencer dialog experiences help attendees discuss topics on a deeper, more personal level and provide a professional experience that becomes irreplaceable. It’s the people you meet, network with and learn from who bring the ROI to your time – and your business – at an IEC National event.

Here are a few key IEC National events coming up to consider attending in 2019:

Make Your Voice Heard! Join the IEC Legislative Fly-in

IEC members will gather in Washington, D.C., May 22-23 for the Legislative Fly-In. This conference will cover important topics in today’s ever-changing political environment, access to IEC’s signature networking events, and visits to Capitol Hill to visit with your representatives and voice IEC’s opinions on critical issues.

All business owners, managers, chapter staff, and industry leaders can benefit from the Legislative Fly-In. This event will provide a better understanding of the current legislative environment and policies. With so much uncertainty, this event will help you position yourself and your business on the road to success.


IEC’s Popular Convention & Expo 2019

If you have never been to the IEC National annual conference, convention, and expo, you don’t know what you’re missing! From seminars on how to develop your business, to learning about the latest technology and industry topics, this networking opportunity with the strong community of fellow merit shop electrical contractors is invaluable. Add to your knowledge, broaden your career opportunities, and expand your professional credentials with the wide variety of classes, networking, and the Expo Hall. IEC CON 2019 will be held October 2-5 at America’s Center Convention Complex in St. Louis.