November 26, 2018

IECRM “Special People. Special Creatures.” We learned from each other.

On October 18th, the IECRM Emerging Leaders (EL) 7.0 began their day at Freedom Service Dogs (FSD). FSD trains dogs that come from shelters and rescue organizations to provide military veterans and many others suffering with mental and physical challenges with a caring companion who helps them with recovery.  These incredible creatures open doors, pick up items, pull wheelchairs, go for help, turn on lights, and know more than 50 other commands.  They enhance social interaction and assist in programs for humane education, disabilities awareness, character development for at-risk youth, and rehabilitation therapy.

FSD unleashes the potential of dogs by transforming them into custom-trained, life-changing assistance dogs for people in need.  The EL’s mission was to acquire donations from their respective employers, families and friends. No surprise, they totally delivered!

That day, the emerging leaders class came through with over $900 in cash/gift card donations and an entire pallet full of dog food, treats, leashes, blankets, etc. They really did an amazing job and FSD was overwhelmed with appreciation.

Additionally, the tasks that were undertaken by the emerging leaders were painting part of FSD’s perimeter fence, replacing pendant lighting, and consulting on future lighting needs. The day progressed with addressing security issues, employee safety assessments and planning for lighting, supplies and installation at the new FSD facility. Graybar graciously committed to donate lighting and Piper Electric provided supplies and installations.

The day concluded at industry partner SFI Compliance where EL members participated in an Executive Panel Discussion.  Industry leaders Chris Cumpton, Integrity Electrical; Jeramie Green, Graybar; James Enright, Corey Engineering; and Jim Dent, Weifield Group Contracting shared their wealth of knowledge with the group and relevant engaging discussions ensued.

To learn more about nominating an emerging leader for the annual program, contact Kori Hemans,