November 9, 2020

IECRM Safety Forum: Winter Preparedness/Driver Safety

IECRM Safety Forum:
Winter Preparedness/Driver Safety
Wednesday, October 28
7:30 AM – 8:30 AM – Zoom
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Near Misses
  • With the changes in the weather and increased traffic on the roads, there has been an increase in traffic accidents.  There seems to be a lot of distracting driving.
  • Slipping on ice-make teams aware of the hazards of ice when driving and when walking.
  • Putting equipment too close to the heater causes fire hazards on the job sites.  Be aware of that and be sure you have the right signage to prevent it on the job sites.
Lisa Didion  | Risk Consultant
Federated Insurance – Field Services
5109 82nd Street Ste 7 #219
Lubbock, Texas 73424
  • Distracted driving is an epidemic.
  • Distracted by phones, texting, FB, or other things.
  • 2,440,000 people are injured in auto accidents each year
  • 36,000 die annually.
There has been a 14% increase in accidents during the pandemic.  People are distracted by thoughts and concerns about what is going on during the pandemic. With fewer drivers on the road, there has been a noticeable increase in speed amid COVID.  Watch this video from Federated Insurance’s CEO.
With time changes, it impacts sleep and people are more tired and fatigued, not focusing on safe driving.
  • Tune-up your vehicle.  Consider using a winter grade oil.
  • Ensure battery is charged
  • Tire pressure-make sure they are properly inflated
  • Replace tires that have low tread.  Consider snow tires.
  • Keep your windshield reservoir full
  • Replace old wiper blades
  • Check your headlights
  • Clean the lenses of your lights
  • Use cooking spray on your door seals to prevent them from freezing and sticking
Annually, 7000 people die due to accidents related to weather conditions and driving
Watch this video .
What to do if your car goes into a snowdriftor specifics of these driving hazards caused by weather:
  • Driving in fog
  • Driving on black ice
  • How to break in bad weather
  • Driving in heavy rain
  • Driving in the snow
  • Driving in a dust storm
Additional thoughts:
It’s important to know when to call it and keep workers safe at home.
Make sure you have full fuel tanks, additional layers, water, and other emergency equipment in your vehicles at all times.
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