May 6, 2014

IECRM Releases New Video, “What is IECRM?”

DENVER, Colorado — May 6, 2014 — IECRM, the non-profit energy trade association and electrical school based in Denver, today released a new video that features personal interviews with ten members of the association. The video is entitled “What is IECRM?” and was produced by Ramblin Jackson’, a web marketing and video production company based in Boulder, CO. The video was conceptualized by Samantha McCormick, IECRM Marketing Manager, and Kristin Kim Haynes, IECRM COO.


The video participants were asked to explain why they are a member of the trade association, how their companies have benefited from membership, and the things they value most in their membership.

IECRM would like to thank the following individuals for appearing in this video (listed in order of appearance):

To apply for membership with IECRM, please visit and click the “Membership” tab, or call (303) 853-4886.