January 24, 2019

IECRM Policy & Advocacy: ‘Engage’ in the process and with your peers

The Colorado Legislature kicked off the 2019 session with a new Governor and new leadership in the House and Senate. To date, more than 200 bills have been introduced including many that impact business operations, labor and employment and specifically the electrical contracting, renewable energy and solar industry.  Even this early in the session, IECRM is active on behalf of the industry: following the sales tax simplification process, engaging with stakeholders regarding HB1035 which would impact electrical inspection fees and are awaiting legislation from the Sunset Review report to continue oversight of the industry by the State Electrical Board.

Colorado businesses must be engaged, comment on issues, offer constructive options, and work diligently to promote sound policy to ensure business success. Business success is the platform for employee success and our state having the resources to meet future needs.

The Government Relations Committee meets twice a month during the legislative session but more importantly, in the process on a regular basis virtually. Join the committee! Even if you cannot attend every meeting, we often ask for letters of support, input and feedback on pending or potential legislation, or to make calls to your local elected representative to share your views on an issue of importance to the electrical industry. Contact IECRM CEO Marilyn Akers Stansbury at to learn more about how you can engage, support and give back to the industry.