June 11, 2021

IECRM MEMBER FORUM: Power Up! Energize Your Business Using New Solutions

IECRM is honored to provide our members with value-rich forums that pertain to our industry. Below you will find a bulleted recap of the discussion and helpful links to resources.

Watch the VIDEO RECORDING of this week’s forum: Power Up! Energize Your Business Using New Solutions.

Forum Recap

COVID has sped up the need for technological advancements in all industries.  Today, four platforms were presented that offer valuable resources for IECRM members.


  • After a large migration to remote work, commercial buildings need to prepare for a safe return to work by providing touchless and adaptable technology.  
  • Top requests from the industry include touchless products and adaptability for forward-thinking for the future.
  • Some of the newest technologies include: 
    • Light switches that feature innovative hands-free technology that allows you to control lights with a wave of your hand.
    • Smart thermostats that can control the entire room, including TVs, lighting, shades, and air through one single device.
    • Products that allow you to run power directly on the floor enabling you to run power on the floor space instead of trenching.
    • Ground boxes that give facility teams an easy way to access power.

Agora Systems:

  • Agora brings field, office, warehouse, and suppliers onto one collaborative platform, streamlining purchasing processes from requisition to delivery.
  • Cut labor hours and overhead by enabling POs and RFQs to be processed and submitted to multiple designated suppliers in minutes
  • Platform highlights: 
    • Streamline requisitions using an “Amazon-like” ordering app
    • Quick requisition and PO creation
    • Order updates and mobile notifications for the field
    • Pre-approved materials list
    • Integrates with existing accounting systems
    • Continues to support relationships with existing vendors/distributors

Agora System Links:


  • Provides a powerful software solution for increased efficiency in electrical business management.
  • 100% cloud-based product that enables contractors to conduct business from anywhere (on the job sites, at the office, or at home)
  • Platform highlights: 
    • Offers configurable solutions that allow the end-user to set up to work within workflows
    • Having one system to run everything is helpful
    • The flexibility allows teams to shift people to different roles
    • Continues to support relationships with existing vendors/distributors

simPro Links:


  • ConX is a construction labor sharing portal that will help contractors in the construction industry deal with the highs and lows of this industry. 
  • ConX will help contractors maintain their core employees that they have invested a great deal of time and money to develop during slower times of business. 
  • ConX will decrease or nearly eliminate unemployment costs contractors are burdened with. 
  • ConX will also allow a contractor to easily fill labor gaps when business improves without the costly hiring process.
  • Platform highlights: 
    • Labor-share platform that allows contractors to integrate borrowing workers and paying the company they are borrowing from directly
    • Goal is to eliminate the times that contractors are overloaded or underloaded of workers for specific jobs
    • Virtual Whiteboard capabilities that help manage labor for each project.  This allows contractors to put the tool into the project manager’s hands in the field.
    • Simplified new hire system that will help contractors navigate through the applicants.  It will help filter the applicants based on needs. 
    • Still in the beta-testing phase, but will launch very soon.