May 21, 2013

Action-Packed Energy Industry Expo in Denver Draws Record-Setting Number of Guests

Paul Bledsoe representing Legrand at the Energy Industry Expo
Finalists of the IECRM Apprentice Wire-Off Competition

Finalists of the IECRM Apprentice Wire-Off Competition

DENVER, Colorado — May 21, 2013 — The annual Energy Industry Expo and Wire-Off Competition, which took place on Friday, May 17th, at IECRM in Denver, saw the highest attendance in the event’s history. 250 guests came out to see 31 exhibitors show off the latest tools, products, services in the electrical, energy, and renewable energy industries, and to watch 10 of IECRM’s top electrical apprentices participate in the annual Wire-Off Competition. The Energy Industry Expo was hosted by the Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (IECRM), the premier trade association and educational institution for the energy industry. The event was supported by Milwaukee Electric Tool, among other companies that donated to the event.

31 trade show exhibitors included Brady Corporation, Convergent Sales, Inc., Eaton Electrical, LED Source, Legrand (with On-Q Home Systems and WattStopper), Lutron, Milwaukee Electric Tool, RTD, and ValuPlus Merchants Association. The day’s attendees included 1st Electric Contractors, Inc., Bergelectric Corporation, Encore Electric, Inc., LEI Companies, Inc., and Martin Technical, Inc., among many others.

Wire-Off Winner Herb Duelm of Lakewood Electric Company

Wire-Off Winner, Herb Duelm, of Lakewood Electric Company

Alongside the expo, 10 of IECRM’s top electrical apprentice students in the Four-Year Apprentice Program competed for a full seven hours during the annual Wire-Off Competition. First Place was awarded to Herb Duelm, an apprentice at Lakewood Electric Company in Englewood, CO.

Over $3,500 in prizes were awarded to the Wire-Off finalists, thanks to donations from Home Depot, IDEAL Industries, Milwaukee Electric Tool, and Stewart & Stevenson Power, Inc. The 10 finalists will graduate from IECRM on June 1, 2013.

Over $1,100 in door prizes were awarded to guests. IECRM would like to thank Allcable, Inc., All Copy Products, iSupportU, Kristin Kim Haynes of IECRM, Legrand, Lightscape Electric, Inc., Madcap Theater, North American Video, Power Management Systems, and Spectrum Mobile Services, for their generous donations.

Guests enjoyed a free barbecue lunch, provided by Stewart & Stevenson Power, Inc.

Together, guests helped potentially save 66 lives by donating blood to Children’s Hospital Colorado.

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Children's Hospital Colorado at the IECRM Energy Industry Expo

22 people donated blood to Children’s Hospital Colorado, potentially saving 66 lives!