May 28, 2021

Emerging Leaders: Your Stars Brightly Shine

In the filament of light, powered by amazing electricians, it’s important to note that among us are emerging leaders of great potential. They are the All Stars of IECRM and considered exceptional leaders.

Emerging Leaders 9.0 Team Building Day at Unser Racing. Class of 2020-21.

Individuals from IECRM member companies had the courage and made the commitment to enter the IECRM’s Emerging Leaders (EL) Program. In late April, the IECRM Emerging Leaders Program completed it’s 9th year of conducting its leaders-to-be training. These leaders were nominated by their member companies.

Every year, exceptional leaders emerge through the IECRM EL program. They learn to look at everything as an opportunity and possibility. They pursue what others consider impossible.

They are never concerned about a title and are humble in presenting who they are. They consider positions of authority as opportunities to demonstrate leadership for others and become mentors for future leaders.

Along with maturing to the next level of development they all display a burning spirit of progress within them which is unhindered by others or circumstance. The fire in their bellies drives them in their endeavor to be exceptional in leadership.

“This year’s class of 12 individuals have demonstrated greater camaraderie, collaboration, and are one of the more successful classes of ELs in terms of active participation,”says Kori Hemans, CFO at IECRM and Director of the Emerging Leaders Program. “These are the characteristics of the IECRM Emerging Leaders Class of 2021.” 

Each year, Kori proudly notes, the EL Class leads a community service project. This year’s focus was Freedom Service Dogs that serve children, veterans, active-duty military, and other adults in creating more healthy and manageable lifestyles by providing service dogs. This year they proudly raised nearly $5,000 for this organization!

IECRM believes that its mission is to support member companies by helping them identify employees who are passionately focused and interested in growth. Our job is to train these hand-selected individuals to understand what a business priority is and how to engage in the vision of their company and this industry to make the vision more meaningful, attainable, and successful.

Click here to see a slideshow of highlights of the 2020-21 IECRM Emerging Leaders 9.0.

Congratulations to the IECRM Emerging Leaders Class of 2021! You deserve our applause and continuing support. We hope that you will carry forward and encourage others to enter this program.

Recruitment for the next class rolls out June 1 and the deadline is July 31st

CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE AN EMERGING LEADER for the 2021-22 IECRM Emerging Leaders 10.0 Program

Now is your chance to become part of the 10th milestone year of an amazing class of IECRM Emerging Leaders!  Join us. Learn. Lead.