July 26, 2018

Are Leaders Made or Born? Independent Electrical Contractors – Rocky Mountain says Leaders are Cultivated

Each year, the Independent Electrical Contractors-Rocky Mountain (IECRM) cultivates future leaders from its member companies through its Emerging Leaders program.  The program is designed to create value and tap into the desire to learn how to be enterprising, persistent and bold.  IECRM is accepting nominations from members for the 2018-2019 program.  The deadline is July 31.

Colorado’s future electrical contracting and renewable energy leaders must be nominated by a sponsor within their company to be able to participate in the August 2018 to April 2019 program.  Emerging Leaders meet approximately six days over the nine-month program to participate in leadership training.

“Cultivating talent is how our industry succeeds,” says Kori Hemans, Chief Financial Officer at IECRM. “Our organization supports our member companies by helping them identify employees who are passionately focused and interested in growth.  Our job is to train these hand-selected individuals to understand that “why” is important, and how to engage in the vision of their company and this industry in order to make the vision more meaningful and successful.”

Throughout the nine-month program, participants experience workshops and discussions about personal leadership, government relations, technology, safety training and community service.   IECRM’s Emerging Leaders committee designs and oversees each session and is comprised by the organization’s members, partners and staff.  Apprentices, supervisors, and even established managers participate in the training program each year.

“This leadership training is uniquely designed to help leaders-to-be get ready for new challenges and responsibilities,” says Hemans.  “Through role-playing, self-assessment and other leadership development methods we help participants explore leadership roles as strategists, change agents, coaches, managers, communicators, mentors, and team members.”

Click here (// to download the application form to become part of the IECRM’s Emergimg Leaders program or to nominate a candidate.