March 6, 2020

APPRENTICE SPOTLIGHT: Jennifer Calloway, Calloway Electrical Contractors

Princess for a Day

For a few years, Jennifer Calloway debated starting the apprenticeship classes. “I always came this close to starting before subsequently backing  out saying I’ll do it next year,” Jennifer says.” Last year, I made the decision to go for it and I’m glad that I did. IECRM has given me a good understanding of all things electrical. As a first-year apprentice, there have been a lot of ‘aha’ moments where something I learned in class was relevant to my work. I’m also fortunate enough to have an excellent online teacher. He takes the time to explain the concepts and how to apply them.” 

Background: Jennifer Calloway has a background in construction safety and works with Calloway Electrical Contractors, LLC as an apprentice electrician. “My education credentials will probably lead you to think that I’m an overachiever,” says Jennifer, poking fun at herself. “They include an undergraduate degree in Human and Community Service, a Master of Science degree in Management and Organization from the University of Colorado Denver, with the honored distinction of Outstanding Graduate Student from the Business School, a Construction Management certificate from the Colorado State University, and the Certified Safety Professional certification from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals.” Jennifer’s background serves her well in her role with Calloway Electrical Contractors, and yet she has learned so much from being a part of IECRM, too.  

Sparkling Honors: With all of her educational accomplishments, one of her most publicly visible honors was to be the Princess on the Sparkling Ice Castle of the Future,  IECRM’s float in the 2019 9News Parade of Lights on Friday, December 6. “That was really fun and such an honor to be part of the parade and be able to ride the float,” says Jennifer.

Philosophy on continuing education: “Obviously, my degrees and certificates show a commitment to continuous learning,” Jennifer says. “I feel lifelong learning gives you the ability to approach each day and job with the goal of being the best at what you do, trying new things outside of your comfort zone, and being an active participant in your industry. It is well worth the time and effort.”

Favorite project: Jennifer’s favorite project was working on the Sheraton Mountain Vista condo remodel in Beaver Creek. “I truly enjoyed that project where I was learning about the technical considerations and safety aspects of upgrading and installing an electrical system to ensure the comfort of the condo owners and guests,” she says.

Heroes: Jennifer has several heroes who have been her role models. “These individuals have demonstrated great leadership in my life that encouraged me to reach the next goal,” she says.   “They were the people that said ‘anything is possible’. I am thankful for them.” 

Favorite Quote: “A year from now you may wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb

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