Apprentice Spotlight: Evan Nash

Each year, the National Apprentice of the Year Competition places the qualifying apprentice from each participating IEC Chapter across the country in head-to-head competitions for prizes and recognition as the IEC National Apprentice of the Year. The competition includes a combination of knowledge and skills over multiple days and is very intense. 


This year, IECRM’s own Evan Nash of Piper Electric Co., Inc. met the challenge and demonstrated his skill, aptitude, and drive to win this prestigious national competition! You know he is competent and skilled… now hear a bit more about the man that took first place. 


We asked Evan:
What led you into the electrical industry?

The short answer is that God did. I was 18, almost 19 years old, delivering pizzas for Pizza Hut and smoking way too much weed. I was heading down a dark path in life and did not have much going for me. At the time, my Dad and the service manager for the company I work for were going to church together. Through a series of very fortunate events, I started my apprenticeship with Piper Electric. Since then my life has dramatically shifted direction for the better. Electrical work is something that I have enjoyed growing in and I take pride in the things I do. 

Tell us about your experience competing in the National Wire-Off Competition.

Intense! They say you never sleep better than at home and that sure was right. My mind was racing every night thinking about the next day and what it entailed. The one event I felt really great about was the big motor control section on Thursday. Surprisingly to me, I did not place 1st in that event or any individual event for that matter, but I guess I did well enough in all of them that I took 1st place overall. It was fun to hang out with all the different competitors and share stories and talk about our experiences. I knew IEC was pretty big because I attended the biggest chapter, IECRM, but it really amazed me how big the National group is and how many different people are involved with it.

A part of me is sad that the competition is over even though I won it. Something about looking forward to what seems to be an impossible challenge does indeed excite me. I’m thankful to be able to take home gold for IECRM in our hometown!


What are your aspirations for the future in the electrical industry?
I’m keeping an open mind right now. I do service work currently and I love what I get to do because I experience a wide variety of different types of work. I would love to get into some type of motor control position but I’m not really sure what that would look like just yet. At this point, I’m just continuing to do what I’m good at and see what kind of opportunity comes knocking. 


IEC Rocky Mountain could not be more proud of Evan and his accomplishments. “We are elated that our very own Evan Nash, a 2021 IECRM graduate with Piper Electric, won the title of the 2021 National Apprentice of the Year by placing 1st in the National Wire-Off Skills Competition. We are so proud. Way to go, Evan!” said Paul Lingo, IECRM Training Director.


Congratulations, Evan!  What a victory!