June 5, 2014

51 Future Electricians Graduate from IECRM Electrical Apprentice Program

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WESTMINSTER, Colorado — June 5, 2014 — On Saturday, May 31st, 51 future electricians graduated from the IECRM  Four-Year Electrical Apprentice Program at a special graduation ceremony at the Westin in Westminster, Colorado. An audience of more than 300 family members and friends, spouses, instructors, employers, and staff attended the event. The graduation ceremony and student gifts were generously sponsored by IDEAL Industries and Milwaukee Tool.

Paul Lingo, Assistant Training Director, with Valedictorian Kole Towner

Paul Lingo, IECRM Assistant Training Director, with Valedictorian Kole Towner

IECRM graduates are unique in that they have accomplished academic as well as career achievements while pursuing a higher education. An overwhelming majority of IECRM students work full-time as electrician’s apprentices while they complete their education at IECRM. IECRM alumni includes: business owners, Master Electricians, a member of the State Electrical Board, C-Level executives, IECRM instructors, and many more accomplished tradesmen.

“Well guys, we finally made it and man does it feel good,” said Kole Towner (pictured above), during his Valedictorian speech. “It is amazing how fast time flies. We are now fully equipped with the knowledge we need to be successful in our careers as electricians. Today, when you walk out that door, I want you to hold your heads up high knowing that you have accomplished something truly great. We have accomplished something that our families can be proud of. This is not the end, it is only the beginning of our careers.”

Keynote Speaker at the graduation ceremony was Mike Epstein (pictured below), a past cast member of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss television show.

Mike Epstein Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker: Mike Epstein from ABC Extreme Weight Loss TV show

During the ceremony, several graduates and underclassmen were awarded for achieving high academic honors, perfect attendance, competing in the 2014 Wire-Off Competition, and other achievements. Several IECRM instructors received gifts of gratitude for their 5, 10, or 15 years of dedication to teaching IECRM students. Every graduate received a 10-piece IDEAL Industries toolkit as a graduation gift. All gifts were generously donated by IDEAL Industries, Inc. and Milwaukee Tool.

Registration for the next session of the Four-Year Electrical Apprentice Program opens on June 23, 2014, followed by an Energy Industry Job Fair on June 24th. Sign up here to attend the job fair or visit for more information about the Four-Year Electrical Apprentice Program.

IECRM Instructors with Top Students

IECRM Instructors with Top Students