January 23, 2019

2019 New Year’s Resolution IECRM 2025 – Advocate, Educate, Grow, Recognize

At IECRM we resolve each year to provide great opportunities to you for lifelong learning, skill development, best business practices, and association involvement. This year, we are embracing IEC National’s Vision 2025 which commits to do more in advocacy, education, business growth and recognition for our members, partners and apprentices. While 1 in 3 people make new year’s resolutions, fewer than that manage to stay true to their resolutions by about March! Our members help hold us accountable for our resolutions, so here’s our 2019 list… we hope there’s something here that might trigger a New Year’s resolution for you and your business:

Keep Pace with the Changing Education Climate to meet the demands of 21st century learning. By the end of 2019, our students will be utilizing a new cloud-based system for attendance, quizzes, grades, and homework.

Identify, Procure, or Upgrade Technology to meet the needs of members and students. The new enterprise system will enable real-time access to up-to-date student information for students and contractors, fully detailed company and individual records with the ability to segment for relevant communications, improved registration for apprenticeship as well as classes and events, and workflow efficiencies and reduced redundancies in both the classroom and in the office with online quizzes, registration, OJT forms, and much more.

Make Better Informed Decisions about ideas and strategies based on a critical analysis of member needs, data from our new enterprise system, and frequent communications with members.

Respond to Population Shifts to embrace how our world and the U.S. workforce and economy are changing. As the retirement population continues to have impact on availability of skilled electricians, position our organization to train and produce the ‘next generation’ of elections and leaders. At the same time, ensure that diversity and inclusion are ingrained in IECRM’s DNA.

Market and Communicate the IECRM Story Effectively and Often with emphasis on a stronger value proposition, testimonials, industry trends, and priorities in education and training. We’ll tell these stories with emotional appeal, impact, and benefits.