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Do you “Drive S.A.F.E.”?
How often do you consider that there are far more serious consequences to unsafe driving than just getting ticketed? In most states, if you killed or injured someone because of distracted driving or playing a role in a road rage incident, you could be criminally charged. If that’s not bad enough…

Federated January 2017 News

Triple Protection Plan – An Employee Retention Strategy
Over the years you’ve built a profitable business. You’ve invested your money, your time, and your passion.

FREE Webinar: A Top 10 List to Stay Away From!

A Top 10 List to Stay Away From!
Tuesday, January 17, 2017 (12:00 PM)
Each year, OSHA releases a summary of their list of Top Ten workplace safety violations. Often, the violations don’t change from year to year. Do you ever wonder why? This webinar will take a look at the 2016’s Top Ten violations.

IECRM Hosted its 6th Annual Holiday Party for its Students: Nearly 300 Students Attended

On Friday, December 9th, Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (IECRM) hosted its 6th Annual Student Holiday Party. Nearly 300 of its electrical apprentices gathered at the Denver campus to celebrate the holiday season, network with peers, make-up missed classes, play tournament-style poker, and receive holiday gifts from the IECRM electrical training school and its partner sponsors.

December 2016 Federated News


Key Risk Indicators – Are Yours Leading or Lagging?
Data can reveal a lot more than just profits and losses
Data is everywhere. There aren’t too many day-to-day experiences any more that aren’t somehow linked to data.

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