We’re Hiring New Licensed Electrician Instructors!

Hiring licensed electrician instructors in Denver, Colorado

IECRM wants YOU to teach
our next generation of electricians!

Updated: Feb 2017

IECRM is seeking multiple new instructors for the 2017-18 school year, in all class years, and for all campuses (Denver, Fort Collins, and Live-Online). Interviewing will begin immediately and training will begin upon hire.

You do not need to have prior teaching experience — we provide the highest quality training for all of our instructors.

  • Start at $34/hour
  • Teach a class of approximately 30 apprentice students
  • Teach class one night a week
  • Choose to teach in-class in Denver or Fort Collins, or Live-Online from our Denver Campus
  • Creative freedom
  • Dedicated office support staff
  • Merit pay incentives
  • Industry recognition
  • Rewarding career



Position Key Role:

IECRM instructors are the key to future success in electrical industry. Instructors are hired to teach on a year to year basis. They will use the National IEC Curriculum as the base of their teaching, but may enhance the curriculum with PowerPoints and visuals from their own experiences. The instructor is responsible to write and grade tests, quizzes and homework assignments. The starting wage for new instructors at IECRM is $34.00 an hour.

Responsibilities include:

  • IECRM Career College considers the Instructor’s position to be one of extreme importance. The Instructor is the contact between IECRM and the apprentice.
  • The Instructors shall attempt, whenever possible, to be neatly dressed. A shirt and long pants are preferred. Some Instructors will come to the classroom straight from their jobs as electricians. It is understood by IECRM that under these circumstances, clean, neat clothing may be difficult to obtain.
  • Class time is from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m.
  • Instructors will provide Lesson Plans to the Training Director. This form will be given and explained to instructors before classes begin.


  • Prior teaching experience is not mandatory. We will provide training on successful teaching methods.
  • The minimum qualifications for an Instructor in the IECRM Career College shall be as follows:
    • A valid State of Colorado Journeyman’s or Master’s Electrical License.
    • The instructor must be an active or retired electrician. Being an IECRM member is a benefit to being an instructor. Graduates of IECRM are also encouraged to apply.
    • The Instructor must obtain a State of Colorado Vocational Teaching Credential from EGTC before employment as an IECRM Instructor. IEC National Certification and State Certification are also required. Information about these programs will be given when hired.


  • An evaluation of instructor performance will be conducted at each year. A merit pay incentive will be provided for those instructors who meet the qualifications.
  • IECRM will provide one set annually of all necessary textbooks, workbooks, etc. for the Instructors.
  • New instructors will be given one-on-one training before the school year begins.
  • An IECRM Staff member is on location at the main campus for the entire night for most of the evenings that class is in session to support all instructors.

How to apply: Please send resume to Paul Lingo at paul@iecrm.org.

Refer an Instructor – Get $100 VISA Gift Card!

Do you know an electrician who would thrive as an instructor for the IECRM Four-Year Apprentice Program?

Refer them to us, and if we hire that individual, we will reward YOU with a $100 VISA gift card!

Please email IECRM Training Director, Paul Lingo (paul@iecrm.org), the name of the individual, their company, their contact information, and any other pertinent information.
You are welcome to refer more than one person at a time, as we are seeking multiple new instructors!


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