PLCs in One Night

PLCs in One Night

Date(s) – Wednesday, March 12, 2014
5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

IECRM Denver Campus

Learn about PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) in this Wednesday night class!

In this class, you’ll learn what a PLC is, and that there are PLCs used for industrial automation as well as higher speed. You will learn the ways that PLCs are different from traditional wiring and work. Then, you will take part in an interactive lab with your classmates.

About the Instructor

Brian Slota has been an instructor at IECRM for 2 years. Brian teaches Fourth Year students in the Four-Year Apprentice Program at IECRM.

Topics Covered in this Class

Industrial PLCWhat is a PLC?

Emphasis on Temperature Control in this class

There are PLCs used for industrial automation as well as higher speed.

  1. Definition
  2. Change from many relays and components to one or few controllers (pics of old relay only controls)
  3. Networked systems (pictures and explanation)
    1. Supervisory controller
    2. Individual controllers
      1. Sensors
      2. Actuators
  4. Sequence of Operations

What is different from traditional electrical wiring and work?

  1. Type of wiring
  2. Voltages used
  3. Shielding
  4. Communications wiring (both tsp and Ethernet)
  5. Different sections in the NEC
  6. Power considerations/transformers and number of devices
    1. Power for controllers
    2. Power for devices (actuators, dampers)

Termination Lab:

Using 18-2, 18-3, MS/TP and 14-2 cable strip, terminate correctly

  1. For 18-3, how to distinguish power, common, signal
  2. 18-2, common and signal
  3. 14-2 power from transformer
  4. MS/TP with proper shield management

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